We are a group of automation engineers, electrical engineers and programmers specializing in Fused Deposition Modeling (3D) FDM printers, also called Fused Filament Fabrication. Through this website we offer printing of 3D models of the client – layouts, decorations or parts of them, prototypes, test samples, volumetric inscriptions and logos for external or internal application and any other models, as well as service of such printers.

We are not architects, specialists in interior, exterior or advertising design, but your assistants. We help you present and implement your projects through 3D printing.

We work with both typical 3D printing polymer materials (ABS, PLA, NYLON, etc.), as well as composite materials containing 20 – 40% natural wood, carbon, aluminum, copper or other metal. We do not work with solid wood or metal.

We have a wide range of printers specialized in different aspects of order fulfillment. Whether it means high precision printing or a large volume object that is not desirable to be split. We also offer the possibility of further processing or treatment of the object after printing.