Additive manufacturing technology called 3D printing is a new and revolutionary method of manufacturing parts. The widespread adoption of this type of technology in recent years is due to their advantages over standard production methods. The possibility of cheap production of a limited quantity of a product and the speed with which it can turn from a simple idea into reality (only by drawing a 3D model) are perhaps some of the biggest advantages. The services we offer in the field of 3D printing also allow you to realize your ideas.

This way of creating products has many different applications. Aside from the popular use in architecture or prototype engineering, here are some ideas for 3D details:


Production of various types of decorative elements that can be used in the production of furniture and interior decoration parts. The easy scaling and variety of colors and materials of the elements make the finished products unique and personalized.


Small souvenirs or figurines of your favorite fictional characters become even more accessible, especially with the large number of already released to the public 3D models.


An easy way to differentiate your business from the competition is to use customized corporate and promotional products.

All the images shown above are taken from models made by us.