These conditions apply to the site

For products offered through the store

All prices of products and services are in BGN with VAT included. Prices do not include the cost of delivery.


The delivery of the products offered through the store is limited in Bulgaria. They are delivered to the consumer by courier (ECONT or SPEEDY). In the “Delivery address” field of your order, you must specify the desired courier, the name or address of its delivery office, or your address.

Method of payment: Cash on delivery

Information about the price and delivery time with the courier companies ECONT and SPEEDY, you can do at the following links:

For 3D models ordered for printing

The prices of the service and the delivery are agreed in EUR. There is no restriction on the place of delivery.

With a valid EU VAT number of the client, the prices are without accrued VAT. The product is sent with an export invoice.

Payment for the service and delivery is made via PayPal.