3D FDM printer M-420


3D FDM printer with build volume 420x420x330 mm, closed chamber, single extruder, heated bed, open code. It is suitable for general printing purposes like large prototypes, architectural models or multiple smalless details


3D FDM printer model M-420 V1 is a open code printer for general purposes. The printer has fully closed chamber, which allow it to use all kind of filaments, working within its temperature ranges.
The printer has large silicon heated build plate (420 x 420mm) and glass plate on top. The glass plate can easy be replaces if required.
The printer is suitable for printing single large volume models like prototypes, architectural models and logos, or multiple smalless details at once.
Technical characteristics:
– technology – FDM (FFF)
– build volume – 420 x 420 x 330 mm
– extruder – single extruder E3D; t max – 260 C
– filament – 1.75 mm
– nozzle – 0.5 mm installed, 0.4 and 0.6 brass nozzles included
– heating bed 420 x 420 mm, t max 120 C
– heat bed leveling – manual
– print speed – up to 100 mm/s
– resolution X/Y – 0.1 mm
– printing materials: PLA, ABS, PETG, PA (nylon), PP, Wood and other requiring nozzle temp. up to 260 C and heat bed up to 120 C.
– power – 220V, max 700W
– dimensions – L x W x H – 900 x 700 x 870 mm
– weight – 25 kg
This is open code printer. The motherboard is Arduino/Ramps 1.6. We provide you the printer code. You can do any further changes, development or upgrades.
Warranty – 6 м.

Delivery options:
1. Ex Work (city of Stara Zagora via your transport. Initial training up to 2 hours for free is included.
2. Via currier to your address at your account. 100% payment in advance is required.

What’s included:
1. Printer M-420 V1.
2. Spare nozzles 0.4 and 0.6 мм – по 1 pc each.
3. Power cable.
4. SD cart and adapter. User’s guide, instructions, test models, printer’s code and other necessary documents are uploaded.
4. Filament stand.
5. Test filament 1.75 mm – 300–500 gr.

Additional information

Weight 25 kg
Dimensions 90 × 70 × 87 cm


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