Stepper motor driver TMC2130 V1.1


Stepper motor driver TMC2130 for us in 3D printers or CNC devices. Ultra quiet, avoid losing steps and jittering, good heat dissipation, with limit switch function.
Micro Plyer: 1/256
Input Voltage: 4.75 – 46.0 V
Motor Voltage: 4.75 – 36.0 V
Driver current: 1.2A, peak 2.0A per phase

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High-performance two-phase stepper motor driver TMC2130 for use in 3D printers or CNC devices. TMC2130 V1.1 is with standard SPI interface and a simple step/dir interface, ultra quiet, avoid losing steps and jittering, has good heat dissipation.
1. Drives two-phase stepper motor single-phase current 1.2A (peak value is 2.0a) motor. Operating current can be adjusted.
2. Support SPI interface control mode.
3. The motor input voltage range: 4.75-46v.
4. The input voltage of the logic interface is 3-5V.
5. The subdivision is 256.
6. Combined with maximum efficiency and optimal motor torque noiseless operation.
7. High precision sensorless motor load detection.
8. Reduce energy consumption by 75% compared to 4988.
9. High load drivers are not out of step.

The SPI working mode of tmc2130-v1.1 can directly select driving current, driving subdivision and other parameters through the firmware, making these parameters more accurate. Through the use of external sequencer, the work of the chip is greatly reduced and the causes of deviation, loss of steps and fault caused by workload overload are effectively avoided.

Drive current algorithm and regulation
1. Vref measures the voltage between Gnd and potentiometer.
2. When measuring the voltage, the power should be connected, not just connected to USB power supply.
3. Do not connect the motor when measuring voltage, or it will burn down the drive.
4. Driving current algorithm: i-vref *1.9/2.5, the default Vref is about 1V, so the default current is 0.76a, the maximum current 2A!Please pay special attention to the direction, do not insert the reverse


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